Thursday, April 08, 2010

Visit the market

We spent several hours at the market at Houmt Souk. This market is full of locals and tourists. It is a very interesting place with lots to see with vendors selling their wares. They sell just about anything imaginable from bulk clothing to trinkets and textiles and carpets. The people are dressed in a variety of clothes both local and exotic.

I have tried to upload pictures from my Blackberry without success. I'll have to wait until we get to Istanbul to get a new camera.

Joe and I are enjoying the hotel with its many choices of food and drinks. I may have gained a pound or two over the last couple of days and we still have three days to enjoy here.

After Djerba Island we go back to Tunis for one more day and then onto Istanbul for 5 days.

Till next time...

My Picasaweb has pictures of Houmt Souk and Djerba Beach Hotel.

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