Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Trip to Djerba

Yesterday was a very interesting day.

We started the day in Tunis after a good breakfast and headed to the train. The train took us 6 hours to Gabes where we transfered by taxi to a louage. The louage is similar to a taxi but shared by 8 people making it inexpensive to travel. The trip to the island of Djerba took another 2 hours and then a taxi ride to the hotel located on the sand beaches of the Mediterranean. There was a period of anxiety because we thought we would have to take a taxi that last 2 hours from Gabes.

The hotel is very attractive with many pools and a message centre. It is mainly for tourists from France, Germany and Italy. They speek english, but very poorly. Enough to can get by though.

I may not be able to post any pictures for the next few days because my camera has disappeared and I may have to buy another.

The temperature is a bit cool today but I plan on taking in the sun and then having a massage later.

Pictures taken with my Blackberry are located here.

Till next time...

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