Friday, April 30, 2010

Birthday Party

My Hungarian friends celebrated my birthday one day early in my favourite restaurant in the Buda hills.

The birthday cake at the end of the evening was a great surprise. It was again my favourite dessert called Somloi Galuska.

Thanks to my Hungarian family for such a wonderful time, meal and dessert.

Here are some pictures of the evening.

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Anonymous said...

If people would know, how good somloi galuska is, they would be flocking into that place by the herd! And I'm not kidding. Of course Joe's choice was an excellent one too.(walnut filling one) I would trade that one any day with anything off of a menu from Spagos on Canon Dr. ( Excellent place in Bev. Hills, a must try if you can fit in there. ( High end, actors hang out.)
The truth is, when it comes to food and sweets , NOBODY, I mean nobody beats Hungarians! No two ways about it ! They might live in huts and drive morbid looking backless mini cars, with stick shifts, but they sure know how to cook up a meal. For real flavor and truly enjoyable taste, even at your last bite, you have to go to Hungary and try one of these high end places. They prepare food with love and passion,and that's how they eat too. When you see a true Hungarian eat, it makes you hungry.( I guess it's not an accident that they're called Hungarians.) Food is a commodity there,Not just fuel for your body, just to carry on till the next hot dog stand. Someone told me Italian food is quiet all right too, I'll never know I can't even look at. I think Joe Pesci is gonna be after me with his wise guys and a baseball bat now. Foggedabowdet ! Huh ? Yoo hee me ? Yoouh schmuck !