Thursday, April 29, 2010

South of Budapest

Yesterday, we spent some time with Peter and his father, Janos. We went for dinner in a small village about 40 kilometres south of Budapest. We visited a Serbian Church built in the 17th century. Later, we went to a new park in Budapest.

The day was great for the drive to the countryside. I had a very good meal of Babgulash with fresh bread. To top off the meal, Joe, Peter and I had a very delicious crepe called palacinta in Hungarian.

We finished the day with a draft beer at one of the micro breweries in Budapest.

Today is our last full day in Budapest and we will fly to Istanbul tomorrow.

More pictures on Picasa.


John A. said...

Are you feeling like I did when you see the end of your amazing vacation nearing? I felt rather sad when I realized the end was near.

Is that church active, and is it Catholic? And how are you related to these people in Hungary?

Wayne Bell said...

Yes, John this is an active Orthodox Church. It hold 140 people, mostly standing. They did not allow any pictures to be taken of the icons. Not even without a flash. Very protective.