Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Clearwater and Kelowna

We travelled to Clearwater where we stayed in a resort off the main road. I really mean; off. It was a dirt road, fine the first day because it was dry, but the second day it had rained and got very muddy. However, our accommodation at the Alpine Meadows resort was worth the drive. It was on several acres of land if not hundreds. There were several cottages that were likely built in the last 2 - 3 years. The property had a lake, hot tub and picnic and bbq areas.

We left the following morning and went about 10 km. in the mud to a river crossing with a barge that could take only 2 cars at a time. The road to this barge was very twisting and turning and was high above the valley below. Lots of hair-pin turns.

We are now in Kelowna, a pretty little city on Lake Okanogan.

We are about to leave now for Vancouver and will report about that later.

Pictures of Clearwater

Pictures of Kelowna

Miscellaneous Pictures

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