Monday, July 18, 2011


We just spent the last 4 days in the beautiful city of Montreal. Montreal never fails to impress me. There is always something happening and lots to see and do. This trip was no exception. We arrived on Thursday and after booking into our rooms, we are off to see the city.

This time in addition to Joe, Warren and friends from Budapest were along on this trip. It was the first time that Zoli and Zsuzsa were in Montreal.

Our hotel on this trip was a new one to us. It was the Paris du Montreal located very close to our other hotels on Sherbrooke Street. This time our luck was not with us. The hotel, being an old mansion was one of the reasons for its choice but turned out to be a disadvantage. I was at the top of a long line of stairs that were not even and not the same height. The room was small and the air conditioning not adequate. On Friday while I was in the shower, room cleaner came in while I was taking a shower and never came back to clean the room.

This time around we took in the night life in the village as well as the fire works display from La Ronde. We watched from one of the nearby bridges, which was very impressive. We found a new restaurant and brew pub on St. Denis called 3 Brewers.

The weekend turned out to be very warm and a bit uncomfortable. But what make it worse, was the air conditioning in our room didn't work very well.

With all of the drawbacks, it still is a great place to visit.

I will post pictures as soon as get home. I forgot my patch cord.

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