Friday, April 27, 2007

Hair Day

Last Sunday John, Cecile, Rich and Eve came to visit. Just like other times when we get together with John, we get hair cuts. Today was no exception. The pictures are of John and Rich and John and Joe. Next time we get together will be at the end of next month in Hamilton, the home of John and Cecile.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Another Dodge disappointment

Sheesh! This is getting ridiculous. I just found out that the tires on the Dakota are not available through Canadian Tire. It seems that the tire is a rare one and wasn't used on many makes of vehicles. I did find a tire store that had it in stock but for how long is anyone's guess. I ordered two but I need four but can't afford all four. I'm going to take a chance that the tire will still be around next year when I replace the other two. Wish me luck!

Now, to make matters worse, I had to take it in this week for a drive clean test. It failed. One of the routes to go is to have it analyzed to see what the problem is. Then, it can be passed temporarily for one year. This is what I did. But eventually it will need a catalytic converter at around $900 a shot. I'm not impressed.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Our visit to Alma

We visited our dear friends in Alma this weekend. They have the most beautiful home on many acres just outside Alma not far from Elmira. Their house is energy efficient and very unique in design. They have designed their house around a central plenum, which most heat releasing appliance use and then that heat is recovered and again used to heat the house. There is also large south windows and and dark ceramic tile floors.

Our friends are very involved in their businesses. They are constantly on the go and have very little time for socializing. So, we don't get together that often.

I attach a photo of the west side of their house and Paul is looking out the window.