Saturday, May 13, 2006

We're Back

It's been a week since we arrived back home. I have been catching up on some my daily routines. The trip was exceptional and very adventurous. We spent a week in Istanbul and I was completely blown away by it's charm and beauty. We met some very friendly Turks in our hotel and spent some evening talking and smoking a water pipe with them. At first, I was taken back by the number of people on the streets but soon got used to the hustle and bustle of this city.

We then spent two weeks in Hungary visiting places like Gyor, Vesprem and Debrecen. Our hosts in Budapest were very helpful and accommodating.

I am anxiously awaiting the development of the 17 roles of slide film and will be posting several of my favourites here in the next week or so.

Even after this adventure, it is still nice to come home to the routine.

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