Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Warren, Stacia, Joe and I just returned from 3 days of fun in Montreal. We visited the Jazz Festival several times during the weekend and also went to a concert at Place De Arts where we saw the Dave Holland Band. The band consisted of 13 members including 9 piece brass, xylophone, bass and drummer. Although I am not a jazz fan, I appreciated the live jazz of the band. We also took in the Montreal Arts Festival where I bought a oil painting called 'Rue LaSalle' by Raymond Savage. I will be publishing some pictures in the near future from this trip.

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Anonymous said...

THANKYOU for sharing. You are the example in my life of what functional families are. I have so much peace when I remember your stories and love this opportunity to peak. love you guys so much I'm teary. Take care always. Love XOXO Nancy