Thursday, February 03, 2005


Travelling has a profound experience in my life. It allows me to peek into cultures and sites that are unique and different from my life at home. My vision of these far-away places are set in my mind and I can re-live the memory.

I hope, while I am still able, to see even more of the world, including my home country of Canada. Although I have been to both coasts, I need to see it a second and third time. Each experience will be different.

Although I can share the photos of my travels here, nothing compares with sharing the road to travel with someone. That way, we can exchange our likes and dislikes and talk about it for years to come.

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Devon Ellington said...

I agree completely. And it's such a joy to find the right travel companion, isn't it? You don't have to agree all the time, but you have to give each other lots of room for both your interests, and balance togetherness with solitude.

Lovely photos, by the way.